12 Reasons Why Living In North Carolina Is The Absolute Best


In the last 25 years over 3 million new residents have flocked to North Carolina. It’s no surprise everyone wants in on the gem that is our state. With so much to offer in terms of work, recreation, and landscape, NC is a real win-win. Here are some great reasons to convince your family, friends, or significant other to move here ASAP!

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  1. More young professionals than ever have been relocating to NC for work and play. All major cities in North Carolina have seen an increase in young professionals seeking work and a fun lifestyle.
  2. Job opportunities. North Carolina is home to Research Triangle Park, named for the three major research universities in the cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. The Park houses more than 170 companies, including Syngenta, Cisco, and RTI International. With more and more young professionals flocking to the area, the Park is experiencing a revitalization of art and culture that’s making it all the more appealing to workers everywhere.
  3. If you get sick, there’s award-winning hospitals right near by. Notably the top two being Duke University Hospital and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Both are nationally ranked.
  4. You haven’t had real BBQ until you eat NC BBQ. East vs. West…it’s all delicious!
  5. Speaking of food…you’ll never run out of delicious new restaurants to try. North Carolina’s food scene is consistently ranked as one of the best, and most progressive in the nation. We have tied with states like California on notable lists for “best restaurants” in the country.
  6.  Two words: southern hospitality! I’ve had out-of-state friends ask me how everyone is so nice and friendly in North Carolina. I just say…we were raised that way!
  7. We have gorgeous beaches!
  8.  And breathtaking mountains!
  9. Surfing, cycling, rock climbing, rafting, wind-gliding, I could go on and on…you won’t get bored when it comes to recreation and staying fit in our state.
  10. North Carolina produces some of the best musicians in the country. We don’t hold the record for most American Idol winners for no reason.
  11. The people are nice and welcoming, the food is delicious, the night life is amazing, the scenery is beautiful, you get all four seasons. There’s nothing quite like Carolina!
  12. You’ll basically become a genius. North Carolina is nationally ranked not just for universities but for public schools, K-12 as well.