The Battle is on! New Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC

Who will win the fight? Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC
home for sale holly springs nc
Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC Who Will Win?

The Battle is On ! New Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC

Beware exisiting home sellers you are competing with new homes for sale in Holly Springs NC !  These new home builders aren’t messing around. The gloves are coming off!

They are using all types of weapons to woo  your potential buyers straight over to their communities.  Included in their arsenal of standard features, are granite countertops, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze fixtures, wide plank hardwood flooring, upgraded cabinets, heavy trim packages, garden tubs, upgraded light fixtures, screened porches,  and   G E O R G E O U S everything!  To top is off they go for the total TKO  with EXTREMELY low prices, help with closing costs, Energy Star Certification and paying up front for social memberships!



How can you compete with new homes for sale in Holly Springs NC ?

Examples of homes for sale in Holly Springs NC
New Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC

This is excellent news for those buying new homes for sale in Holly Springs NC , but it can be quite daunting for those that have been in their homes for a few years and haven’t opted to upgrade these features along the way, and want to sell.  Formica counter tops, old carpet , wall paper and brass fixtures just seems down right whimpy compared to the beefy heavy weights with all of  the bells and whistles.

Here is the way you WIN when you are duking it out with new homes for sale in Holly Springs …   You can’t pull any punches (pun intended).  You are going to have to be aggressive.

Talk to your real estate professional, to get an idea of what is necessary.

Determine what is needed to give you a competitive edge.  You will need to know the budget you are working with.  Then determine which updates will have the most impact. Once that is determined it will be important to stage to the house  bring attention to what IS great about your space so the attention doesn’t immediately go to what ISN’T.  You don’t have to make your home completely new.. it just takes strategic upgrading, pricing and staging.

Speaking of pricing…remember your house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it and what the bank will loan on it.  So understanding pricing stragegy is going to be VERY important.  You will need to know which new home neighborhoods you are competiting with,  how they are priced, the features they include and how much inventory they have.

Homes for Sale Holly Springs NC
Typical ktichen found INCLUDED in New Homes for Sale in Holly Springs NC

  Existing homes vs new homes for sale in Holly Springs NC does the little guy ever win?Don’t worry, the new home isn’t always the victor.  There are benefits to purchases a pre-exsiting home.  In many cases the neighborhoods are more established with mature trees that gives more of cozy homey feel.  Landscaping is generally already done by the current owner.  This can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Another benefit is that window blinds are installed, depending on the quailty of blinds desired this can be a huge saving! 

I have been helping home buyers and seller for years.  It is definatley possible to sell your home when competing against new construction.  You just have to be smart about it.   You can’t just put it on the market and hope.  Once you have all the facts you can determine if you are IN IT TO WIN IT–  Then we can get you all trained up!


If  you want to see what it would take for you to whip up on the competition CONTACT ME for a FREE  NO HASSLE Assessment and the scoop on new homes for sale in Holly Springs  NC